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Adventures in Acmaeoderini.
Déjà vu all over again:
Granite Gap, Peloncillo Mountains, Hidalgo Co., New Mexico

With its spectacular granite boulders, limestone outcrops and diversity of floristic types, the area is a classic example of the Chihuahuan Desert. It has a higher cactus diversity than any other area in New Mexico. Because of its biological and scenic beauty, Granite Gap is designated by the BLM as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern. Access is strictly limited to designated roads and trails.

Note burned Prosopis in foreground

From the literature and personal collection records, at least 9 species of Acmaeoderini have been recorded from the site and surrounding area:

    Adult host association(s) [in part].

Acmaeodera cazieri Knull,
    Cirsium sp., Argemone sp. (Knull 1960:7); on flowers Jatropha macrorhiza (MacRae & Nelson 2003:58).

Acmaeodera davidsoni Barr (Type Locality),
   Acacia constricta, A. greggii, Mimosa biuncifera (Barr 1972:180); Prosopis sp. (Bellamy 1982:359).

Acmaeodera delumbis Horn,
    Acacia constricta  (Westcott, et al. 1979:173).

Acmaeodera parkeri Cazier,
    Allionia incarnata (Westcott, et al. 1979:177); Haplopappus sp., Boerhaavia coccinea (Bellamy 1982:359).
Acmaeodera pinalorum Knull,
    Mimosa biuncifera (Walters & Bellamy 1990:113).

Acmaeodera quadrivittatoides Nelson & Westcott,
    Adults have been recorded on a wide variety of flowers (Nelson & Westcott 1995:81).
    At this locality, I have collected this species on Alliona incarnata flowers.

Acmaeodera yuccavora Knull,
    Alliona incarnata (Westcott, et al. 1979:180).
    Adults frequently alight on paths or other bare areas (Knull 1962:3).
    At this locality, I have collected this species on Alliona incarnata flowers.

Acmaeoderopsis hulli (Knull),
    Mimosa sp., Prosopis glandulosa (Nelson & Westcott 1976:274).
Acmaeoderopsis rockefelleri (Cazier),
    Acacia constricta, Prosopis juliflora (Nelson & Westcott 1976:274).  

The distribution of Acmaeodera gibbula LeConte overlaps this area suggesting it may also occur here.

The flight period of these species is typically during the months of June through August, in some years earlier (April, May) or later (September). Emergence probably depending upon mean temperature and monsoonal precipitation. The distribution of a few of these species continues south along NM 80 on associated hosts.

Field notes 15.VII.2014.
Subsequent to my visit on 17.VII.2010, the area appears to have been burned. Most of the Prosopis and Acacia are growing back. On this visit, monsoons had drenched the area within the last few days. Some of the Acacia and Larrea were just beginning to bloom but I was unable to locate any Alliona where they grew on my prior visit.

Alliona incarnata

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Aerial photo courtesy of  The Sky Gypsies.

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