Thursday, December 26, 2013

Granite Gap, Peloncillo Mountains, New Mexico

The view looking south this morning while collecting Acmaeodera at 1330m elevation. The valley and mountains below are the eastside of the cloud-covered Chiricahuas. Monsoon season here.

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Two species of Acmaeodera - yuccavora Knull, and a species undetermined at present - were collected on the flowers of Allionia incarnata L., Trailing Four O'clock, that grew along the rocky roadside.

Despite efforts beating Mimosa and Acacia, two additional species, Ac. davidsoni Barr, this being its type locality, and Ac. parkeri Cazier, were not encountered.

ORIGINAL POST: 10 August 2010. UPDATED: Thursday, December 26, 2013

While my efforts produced  only a few specimens of two species that day, I have identified them as Acmaeodera yuccavora Knull (2), and Acmaeodera  quadrivittatoides Nelson and Wescott (1).

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  1. Hi Delbert:
    Back in Aug 25,'95 I found 2 Acmaeodera parkeri,
    1 A. cazieri, and 1 A. yuccavorae along the rd.
    in the grasslands above Box Canyon, Pima Co.
    These were all ID'd by the late Gayle Nelson.

    On my 2009 visit, when I saw you last I found 2 A. cazieri in Pinery Canyon JUly 31. These were found on a low growing vine along the drainage in the lower canyon where people camp.

    Good luck for your search for these very small Acmaeodera.

  2. Thanks Charlie for your visit and comment. Let's see what we can kind of Acmaeodera we can find this fall.

    Hope to see you next month.

    Best wishes,