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Preliminary Checklist of Acmaeoderinae of America, north of Mexico,
Metallic Wood-boring Beetles ( Buprestidae: Polycestinae)

UPDATED: Thursday, May 29, 2015
I extend my gratitude to Dr. Rick Westcott for his recent corrections, suggestions and discussions.

Modified from the list found at The World of Jewel Beetles

Genus ACMAEODERA Eschscholtz 1829
Buprestis (Acmaeodera) Eschscholtz 1829:9.
Acmaeodera: Dejean 1833:75.
Type species: Buprestis cylindrica Fabricius 1775 (fixed by subsequent designation).

acanthicola Barr 1972a:177.
acuta LeConte 1860b:224.
adenostomae Cazier 1938b:137.
adenostomensis Knull 1941c:691.
alacris Horn 1878:25.
alicia Fall 1899:29.
alpina Barr 1972a:173.
amabilis Horn 1878:7.
amplicollis LeConte 1866:383.
angelica Fall 1899:16.
atactospilota Westcott 1971:7.
audreyae Westcott & Barr 2007:56.
auritincta Fall 1922:88.
aurora Fall 1922:88.
bacchariphaga Westcott & Verity 1977:149.
barri Cazier 1940b:58.
bishopiana Fall 1907a:240.
bivulnera Horn 1894:371.
bowditchi Fall 1901b:307.
bryanti Van Dyke 1953b:104.
carlota Fall 1931:81.
cazieri Knull 1960c:6.
ceanothae Nelson 1967b:57.
chiricahuae Barr 1972a:146.
chuckbellamyi MacRae 2014:50
comata LeConte 1858b:70.
condita Barr 1972a:171.
connexa LeConte 1859b:71.
conoidea Fall 1899:31.
consors Horn 1878:20.
          syn. montezuma Obenberger 1924g:35.
          syn. perforata Cazier 1940a:17.
constricticollis Knull 1937c:301.
constrictinotum Westcott & Nelson 2000:305.
convicta Fall 1899:11.
          syn. papagonis Duncan 1934a:231.
coquilletti Fall 1899:15.
cribricollis Horn 1894:375.
          syn. larreae Fall 1907a:241.
cuneata Fall 1899:21.
curtilata Knull 1941c:692.
davidsoni Barr 1972a:179.
decipiens LeConte 1866:383.
          syn. durangana Obenberger 1928l:120.
delumbis Horn 1894:378.
depressa Barr 1972a:162.
deviata Barr 1972a:151.
diffusa Barr 1969b:13.
discalis Cazier 1940a:24.
disjuncta Fall 1899:9.
dolorosa Fall 1899:25.
      ssp. liberta Fall 1922:89.
ephedrae Barr 1943:113.
errans Barr 1972a:170.
fattigi Knull 1953:144.
fenyesi Fall 1899:12.
flavomarginata (Gray) 1832:358 (Buprestis).
          syn. contigua Kerremans 1897a:42.
          syn. proxima Waterhouse 1889a:178.
flavopicta Waterhouse 1889a:180.
          syn. flavosticta Waterhouse 1882a:24.
          syn. subcyanea Fall 1899:8.
          syn. falli Kerremans 1902b:34.
gibbula LeConte 1858b:69.
          syn. gila Knull 1930b:16.
gillespiensis Knull 1941a:98.
griffithi Fall 1899:36.
haemorrhoa LeConte 1858b:69.
          syn. bouvieri Kerremans 1906c:120.
hepburnii LeConte 1860b:254.
holsteni White 1939:71.
horni Fall 1899:25.
idahoensis Barr 1969c:331.
immaculata Horn 1878:19.
          syn. eburna Van Dyke 1949:53.
inopinata Barr 1972a:149.
inyoensis Cazier 1940a:18.
jocosa Fall 1899:14.
knowltoni Barr 1969c:328.
knullorum Barr 1972a:155.
labyrinthica Fall 1899:21.
laticollis Kerremans 1902b:28.
latiflava Fall 1907a:240.
          syn. pallidula Kerremans 1910b:269.
      ssp. lineipicta Fall 1931:81.
ligulata Cazier 1940a:20.
linsleyi Van Dyke 1943:101.
lupinae Nelson 1996b:176.
macra Horn 1878:8.
maculifera Horn 1894:372.
marginenotata Chevrolat 1867:583.
mariposa Horn 1878:22.
      ssp. dohrni Horn 1878:15.
          syn. bernardino Van Dyke 1937:109.
miliaris Horn 1878:10.
mimicata Knull 1938c:136.
mixta LeConte 1860b:227.
          syn. arizonae Horn 1878:19.
          syn. obesa Kerremans 1910b:271.
mojavei Westcott 1971:14.
morbosa Fall 1899:20.
navajo Nelson & Westcott 1995:82.
neglecta Fall 1899:31.
nelsoni Barr 1972a:175.
neoneglecta Fisher 1949:336.
nevadica Barr 1972a:158.
nexa Fall 1922:89.
nigrovittata Van Dyke 1934:61.
obtusa Horn 1878:19.
          syn. anthobia Obenberger 1924g:33.
opacula LeConte 1858b:69.
opuntiae Knull 1966a:332.
ornata (Fabricius) 1775:220 (Buprestis).
          syn. dispar Gory 1840:31.
          syn. quatuordecimspilota Obenberger 1917n:55.
ornatoides Barr 1972a:167.
panamintensis Westcott 1971:17.
paradisjuncta Knull 1940a:36.
parkeri Cazier 1940a:22.
perlanosa Timberlake 1939:179.
pinalorum Knull 1930b:15.
plagiaticauda Horn 1878:10.
          syn. postica Fall 1899:25.
          syn. verecunda Barr 1972a:153.
pletura Barr 1972a:164.
princeps Kerremans 1909d:591.
          syn. flavinigrapunctata Knull 1928:314.
prorsa Fall 1899:23.
pubiventris Horn 1878:9.
      ssp. lanata Horn 1880:148.
          syn. biedermani Skinner 1903b:239.
      ssp. panocheae Westcott 2001a:176.
      ssp. yumae Knull 1937c:301.
pulchella (Herbst) 1801:211 (Buprestis).
          syn. ornata (Olivier) 1790a:50 (Buprestis).
          syn. flavosignata Gory 1840:30.
          syn. arizonae Horn 1878:19.
pullata Cazier 1940b:57.
purshiae Fisher 1926a:114.
quadriseriata Fall 1899:18.
quadrivittata Horn 1870:79.
quadrivittatoides Nelson & Westcott 1995:77.
recticollis Fall 1899:13.
recticolloides Westcott 1971:3.
reflexa Barr 1992:74.
resplendens Van Dyke 1937:106.
retifera LeConte 1859b:72.
riograndei Nelson 1980b:175.
robigo Knull 1954a:27.
robusta Horn 1878:9.
rubrocuprea Westcott & Nelson 2000:302.
rubronotata Laporte & Gory 1835:5.
          syn. sparsa Horn 1878:11.
sabinae Knull 1937a:15.
scalaris Mannerheim 1837:25.
          syn. semivittata LeConte 1858b:69.
serena Fall 1899:16.
simulata Van Dyke 1937:108.
          syn. nautica Van Dyke 1945:106.
sinuata Van Dyke 1919a:152.
      ssp. sexnotata Van Dyke 1919a:153.
solitaria Kerremans 1897a:40.
          syn. interrupta Kerremans 1897a:41.
          syn. daggetti Fall 1899:26.
          syn. mexicana Kerremans 1900a:310.
          syn. thoracica Kerremans 1910b:268.
sphaeralceae Barr 1972a:166.
starrae Knull 1966a:334.
subbalteata LeConte 1863a:82.
tenebricosa Fall 1922:90.
texana LeConte 1860b:228.
thoracata Knull 1974:143.
tildenorum Nelson & Westcott 1995:85.
tiquilia Westcott & Barr 1998:53.
tubulus (Fabricius) 1801:200 (Buprestis).
          syn. quatuordecimguttata (Fabricius) 1801:209           (Buprestis).
          syn. culti (Weber) 1801:75 (Buprestis).
          syn. geranii (Harris) 1830:2 (Buprestis).
          syn. modesta Laporte & Gory 1835:20.
tuta Horn 1878:11.
          syn. rubrosuffusa Fall 1907a:240.
          syn. duboisi Cazier 1938b:138.
          syn. moronga Van Dyke 1943:102.
uvaldensis Knull 1936:73.
vanduzeei Van Dyke 1934:23.
          syn. fisheri Cazier 1940a:19.
          syn. vermiculata Knull 1947b:174.
          syn. nanbrownae Figg-Hoblyn 1953:219.
vandykei Fall 1899:23.
variegata LeConte 1852:67.
          syn. lucia Fall 1901b:307.
          syn. distincta Kerremans 1902b:29.
verityi Westcott 1971:11.
vernalis Barr 1972a:160.
vulturei Knull 1938d:228.
wenzeli Van Dyke 1919a:154.
wheeleri Van Dyke 1919a:155.
wickenburgana Knull 1939:28.
xanthosticta Laporte & Gory 1835:4.
          syn. bisseptemguttata Marsuel 1867:48.
          syn. amazonica Nonfried 1895:303.
          syn. confusa Fisher 1925b:41.
yuccavora Knull 1962:2.

Genus ACMAEODEROIDES Van Dyke 1942

Acmaeoderoides Van Dyke 1942:108.
Type species: Acmaeodera insignis Horn 1894
(fixed by monotypy).

cazieri Nelson 1968c:137.
confusus Nelson 1999:371.
depressus Nelson 1968c:136.
distinctus Nelson 1968c:129.
ferruginis Wellso & Nelson (Nelson 1968c:132)
humeralis (Cazier) 1938b:12 (Acmaeodera).
insignis (Horn) 1894:377 (Acmaeodera).
knulli Nelson 1968c:139.
rossi (Cazier) 1937:115 (Acmaeodera).
          syn. balli (Knull) 1937c:302 (Tyndaris).
rufescens Nelson 1968c:144.
stramineus Nelson 1968c:142.
verityi Nelson 1968c:133.

[includes Neotropic species]
Acmaeoderopsis Barr 1974:11.
Type species: Acmaeodera junki Théry 1929
(fixed by original designation).

chisosensis (Knull) 1952b:349 (Acmaeodera).
guttifera (LeConte) 1859b:72 (Acmaeodera).
          syn. versuta (Horn) 1878:21     (Acmaeodera).
hassayampae (Knull) 1961:80 (Acmaeodera).
hualpaiana (Knull) 1952b:349 (Acmaeodera).
hulli (Knull) 1928:315 (Acmaeodera).
jaguarina (Knull) 1938c:135 (Acmaeodera).
junki (Théry) 1929e:115 (Acmaeodera).
          syn. squamosa (Van Dyke) 1919:186   (Acmaeodera).
      ssp. peninsularis (Barr) 1972a:192            (Acmaeodera).
paravaripilis (Barr) 1972a:189 (Acmaeodera).
prosopis Davidson 2006:214.
rockefelleri (Cazier) 1951b:9 (Acmaeodera).
vaga (Barr) 1972a:191 (Acmaeodera).
varipilis (Van Dyke) 1934:62 (Acmaeodera).
westcotti (Barr) 1972a:186 (Acmaeodera).

Genus ANAMBODERA Barr 1974
Anambodera Barr 1974:9.
Type species: Acmaeodera gemina Horn 1878
(fixed by original designation).

clarki Westcott 2001c:131.
gemina (Horn) 1878:23, 26 (Acmaeodera).
lucernae (Knull) 1973:299 (Acmaeodera).
lucksani Walters 1982:180.
nebulosa (Horn) 1894:376 (Acmaeodera).
palmarum (Timberlake) 1939:181 (Acmaeodera).
santarosae (Knull) 1960b:322 (Acmaeodera)

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Beetle Trapped In Amber For 52 Million Years -
Social Parasitism exemplified.

A 52-million-year old beetle was able to live alongside ants—preying on their eggs and usurping resources all within the comfort of their host's nest. Through ways that scientists are still trying to understand, Clavigeritae beetles are able to pass through ant defenses and integrate seamlessly into colony life.

Clavigeritae beetles interacting with host ants in Peru. A Crematogaster worker ant carries a Fustiger beetle (right) while another beetle (left, with mite on abdomen) orients its body to allow a second worker ant to lick its trichomes. 
Credit: © Takashi Komatsu

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